Wednesday, 10 of February of 2016


It is not an easy business but I hope I will win

It is amazing!When they were sent to my house,  I can’t wait open to the pakage. It looked very nice. Initially I think it may be the good item for me. This koolertron dlsr shoulder mount rig kit came from a new website There was no advices to me, I just liked the items what I’ve seen on it.  it valued $419, free shipping, which I was impressed by,So I made  my decision to take it in my cart. It is not an easy business but I hope I will win, and it will make these features well:

  • Make you shoot or video production steady, precise and smooth
  • Flexible designed, easily adjust into different shooting mode
  • Long time shoot or record comfortable, won’t feel tired
  • The Handles with rubber grips give your arms rest while shooting
  • 1/4″ hole and 3/8″ hole, compatible with most Camera/DSLR/Camcorder
  • Ideal for making video with movable scene or micro shoots
  • Complete gearbox driven designs for steady and precise movement of focusing
  • Driven gear capable to install on either side which is suitable for right or left handed shooter
  • Made of durable anodized black aluminum and ABS
  • Flexible Gear Driven Belt fits any lens with filter diameter from 52 to 86mm.
  • 2 dual-purpose filter trays, supporting 4×4 filters size (rotating 360 degrees),complete with top flag and two adjustable side flags in aluminium(all detachable)
  • Top and side flags are all easily removable
  • With adapter rings to fit lenses of varying diameters(for diameter of opening 51mm 64mm 76mm)
  • Adjustable height to fit different lens sizes and diameters
  • Suitable for all DSLR cameras and video camera

if this make me win, next time  i will get a koolertron camera bag home. It looks decently great.

I love this durable Leather case for ipad

Koolertron New Perfect Pink lovely PU leather Case Cover + Screen Protector + Touching Pen + Dustproof Plug + Earplug For ipad 2 The New iPad iPad 3 Just For Girls. I loved it! Ive bought other cases for my ipad but I truly love this one. As of now i still havent changed it. Its very durable!

  • 100% brand new and high quality folding leather case cover with built-in stand for iPad 2nd generation
  • Artificial leather case specifically designed to shelter your devices dust, shock, scratches and bumps and other daily damage
  • The Leather of the inner side is so smooth and soft that gives you a comfortable sensation when holding
  • The Leather case features a play-through design which enable total access to all of the iPad 2nd generation control buttons
  • Easy to access to all buttons and features
  • Leather case is molds perfectly fit to your devices shape and highlight its beauty
  • Open the case and you can put up a stand for watching videos movies and slide shows or for typing on the onscreen keyboard

What should we prepare for travelling, your views

5.1 is coming, it means a short vacations 3-day is on the way. What’s your plans, going for a hiking, trips, or outdoor sports? Weather you plan to go to foreign, or just around your city, it is a terrible and tired experience to catch many equipments during this vacation.Let’s discuss it.For travelling or outdoor sports, is there any necessories equipments we need to bring together? which apps are you must have in your cell phone?

First of all, you must relized that all your plans are found on enjoying a easy and pleased trip. So it is essential to bring the equipments which must work for us as possible as we can.
1.identity card, you must take together safely.It will descrease your unecessary trouble. and credit cards, make sure your eating and living will be normal.
3.some food, if there are some matters come, avoiding you from hungry in that case.
4.cell phone, keep contacts on your family, friends and your companion.
5.Google map app your cell phone must be installed, it likely to be the Google Nexus Accessories around with your phone.
6.A map made of paper, some places may be without signals.
7.A camera, recording some good momories. If you are photography enthusiasts, you may take more photography equipment to improve the quanlity of photos.
8.Clothes, for changing, and they’d better be convenient for you.
9.It is as well essential to prepare some emergency equipments, such as emergency medicine, bandage and ect
10.Flashlight, it is better for you to be waterproof and good quanlity, such as Pellor TrustFire TR-J1 led flashlight. And you’d better prepare new battaries for changing.

It is just my view for reference above. If you have different opinions about this, please discuss it by reviews. You are welcome and appreciated.

May the free camera bags catch your attention

Hey, guys! Your attention please. Free camera bags do you want? nothing to pay to get a free one just by review and register. Maybe you just cost a e-mail address and several seconds. Here you can try.

Saving time is saving money–Pellor Timer Stopwatches

Saving time is saving money, saving time is also saving emerge. So we should control the time reasonably. Pellor Timer Stopwatch, I think you need. They can not only control your time, but also help you adjust your unreasonable time schedule. When you find the speed of eating is too fast to keep a healthy life, you can use it. While you do some sports, such as races, you can use it. More and more healthy sport need these helpers, you may not miss them, for yourselves, him/her, and your family.

This durable, easy-to-use stopwatch is perfect for timing races, rugged good looks, it is the perfect couple when you’re looking for cost-effective performance timing. Good choice for you.
Pellor Timer Stopwatch
1/10 second recorder
30 seconds
15 minutes
13 jewels
6h extended running time
Size: 77.4x55x14mm
Unit Weight:120g

Have you ever calculated how fast you can drive, or how long you drive everyday? May be you want to calculate, but you do not have such kind of tool, and the traditional watch is not so accurate. If so, you should pay special attention to this multifunction waterproof bike computer. This wireless cycle computer is so powerful in its functions. It can calculate the current speed, the maximum speed, the trip distance, the total distance, the average speed and so on. And this wireless cycle computer is also a watch. Fixing it on your bike, you can see the time without releasing your hands from bike, which will make you safer. Besides, this wireless cycle computer is waterproof; you can use it whatever the weather is like. Otherwise, this multifunction waterproof bike computer is easy to use; you will not find any problems on using it, and its programmable odometer can help you program your mileage back into computer after a battery change. What a powerful cycle computer, do not miss these sports electronics!

Functions include current speed, maximum speed, trip distance, total distance and so on

Innovative sensor combines speed and cadence into a single unit that mounts quickly

User-friendly interface includes auto start-stop and power-save modes and dual tire-size memory